ARC offers three brake options.

1:  Economy (organic) pad/shoes, machine drums /rotors.
     installed (choice of many brands).

2:  Better (semi-metallic) pads/shoes, machine drums/rotors.
     installed (choice of many brands).

3:  Best (Ceramic) pads/shoes, machine drums/rotors.
     installed (choice of brands).

Whichever you choose you'll get quality work at a fair price prices.

Not all braking systems are in need of only pads or shoes.  You may need additional parts to make the brake system safe.   Please see my pricing policy, mission statement, and experience links on the home page to better understand how not to be overcharged by other shops.  NOTE:  Some vehicle pads/shoes may be slightly higher and some may be lower then advertised here.  These prices reflect the needs of about 80% of vehicles in this market area.

Final Note: You know those places that offer you a "lifetime warranty" and promise to "replace your brake pads for free for as long as you own your car."  That sounds nice.  BUT they charge you 3 times the price for those pads.  No wonder they can do it for "free."  You paid for those brake pads twice over up front.  The truth is most people aren't going to replace their brake pads more than once.  Hardly anyone ever does it 3 times.  So when you come to ARC I'll just charge you ONCE.  Down the road, you need it done again? Fine!  I'll charge you again, just once, and you'll STILL be money head.  Think about it.